About Us (me)

About us (me)




Hi, my name is Mahan, and I am the Designer, Owner, basically everything and only member of Fuhitsuyo studios. I’m a 22 year old electrical engineering student living in Toronto. I run this whole thing on my spare time, while I uber to make money to fund everything myself.

                How it started:

Fuhitsuyo studio’s started on a Skype call with a former friend of mine where we decided to start a clothing brand and marketing label in order to push it. Originally Fuhitsuyo studio’s was supposed to be called Buddahkai x7; however, my former friend thought it be easier to work on his existing label called Suspects. (Check them out @Suspectsonline on IG) This all began in spring of 2016. I began coming up with designs and concepts with my former friend (which I will refer to as FF from now on) while simultaneously running the marketing page called Theonlinesweatshop (now a ghost of its former self). So during this time I also attended college for electrical engineering (I still do). As the year progressed into 2017 me and my FF stopped working together on the clothing line due to building tension and a drama. As winter ended me and my FF stopped talking all together and I was left on my own to build a separate brand on my own.

              Why I did it.

Fuhitsuyo Studios was a name I came up with in the summer of 2017 it means needless or not necessary. I started designing the pieces for it a year in advance, to this date have put up a thousand of my own dollars for samples and a hundreds more on advertising. I wanted to start this clothing brand because I’m a lover of fashion and I enjoy all aspects from the most outrageous to norm core. If you’ve been in the game as long as I you will know there’s a struggle to find things exactly as you like and when you finally do it’s thousands of dollars or its inaccessible. So my goal is to make a brand that has the styles people like me in love with fashion and street wear want, but can’t afford; I also want the high quality and proportions of high end brands to be available to the general audience without having to settle for something like Za-, maybe it's not a good time to name drop.   

                My Current situation.
My current situation is that I have everything for the current collection designed and ready to be sold; however, I only have samples and no stock currently. Me and my supplier have a deal on the production, I need to raise up half the money through orders before production starts. As a safeguard for those who order though, I will make a small business loan to jump start things if required so no one misses out, that’s the last thing I want. So once production starts it will take 50 days for all the pieces to be completed and all items will be shipped DHL express right from the factory so you’ll receive your purchase within a week of it being made. So this is technically a preorder. Moving forward stock will be manufactured in advance and more designs will be made moving forward so there will be more of a variety and more ambitious projects will be executed.